I think that Conan O’Brien’s skit “if they mated” is one of the most genius pieces of entertainment available for your late night viewing pleasure. I couldn’t help but think… what if SEO’s mated. So I went on a flavorful trip full of adventure, candy cains and lolly pops to find out what this would entail. See below for a glimpse into the life of future couples in SEO and their offspring! I just want to point out this is strictly for fun!!

Cameron Olthuis and Neil Patel:

neil and cam

Jarrod Hunt and Carolyn Shelby:

jarrod and carolyn

Rhea Drysdale and Loren Baker:

rhea and loren

Kim Krause Berg and Bill Slawski:

kim and bill

Danny Sullivan and Jim Boykin:

danny and jim

Mike Mcdonald and Vanessa Fox:

mike and vanessa

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– Joe Whyte

39 Responses to “What if SEO’s mated? We needed to find out!”

  1. That is Friggen Hilarious.

  2. This is a little creepy…especially Danny and Jim. I might not be able to sleep tonight. LOL

  3. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Dude, awesome. I wish I was in one of those!

  5. LOL. Great stuff. I like the Cameron Olthuis and Neil Patel offspring.

  6. This is just scary!

  7. i think i just threw up a little.

  8. Good Lord. I hope most of these people are sterile. Thanks for making us look good:)

  9. And who said SEO’s weren’t Hot!

  10. Rand and Todd’s spawn looks like a werewolf! Someone call the Enquirer!!

  11. Some of those are just scary! In a couple of cases… kind of an improvement :P (sorry Neil) JK

  12. This is the funniest thing I have seen today.

  13. @Chris… Your Next!

    @Carolyn… I hope we can still be friends after this LOL!!!

  14. Ok so which one would you do? I pick Cameron & Neil!

  15. You would pam!!

  16. Too funny…

    Actually too scary….

  17. That’s so funny, but I still feel ill. ;-)

  18. Oh man!

  19. It’s like a Rob Zombie horror flick!!!

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  21. Looks like Fishdubl has been sniffing some black paint… which one did he inherit that addiction from?

  22. Is it scary to say I’m honored to be paired with Danny?
    Luckily we both actually made better looking boys with our wife’s than than together.

  23. Halarious even after the 44th time pulling it up!

  24. You’re just jealous k-fed! Let’s see one of YOU!

  25. OMG! – I can’t breathe! – That’s too funny!

  26. I’ll never bitch about looking/feeling like hell in the morning again.

  27. I think my ovaries just shriveled up and died. That’s hysterically horrible. The Rand/Todd’s kid definitely looks like a Nat’l Enquirer piece… I’m thinking Bat Boy more than a werewolf though.


  28. Hmm, great. what a funny SEO.. I got ache in my stomach..
    Too funny..

  29. funniest

  30. Too funny… here’s the question of the day, if you could choose one of the SEO hybrids to market your company, who would you choose? I think I’d have to choose the Danny/Jim spawn!

  31. Had my morning coffee been ready, I would have spit it all over the screen. Hilarious!

  32. Ding fries are done!

  33. Okay, Vanessa and Scott are just too scary! LOL! Great post.

  34. Oh my, it’s so wrong. The good news is not to be included. :)

  35. Too freakin funny! :-)

  36. It’s really funny and on the other hand it’s scary to look at their faces that has become somehow distorted. How did they do these photos? I’m really curious. : )

  37. The missing LINKS.

  38. Oh my. Someone has been liquefying with photoshop again. Sorry, Kim, but you and Bill belong together :)

  39. Holly Crap, this is great! I bet your gettign tons of links to this post. I know I found one from my friend and old boss Dave Bascom’s blog.

    Shoot I am so tempted to blog about this my self. Man this is funny! Maybe I;ll meet some of these people at SMX Local/Mobile in Denver

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