Are you looking to increase the traffic to your blog? Building links from directories will increase your link popularity, direct traffic, and search engine rankings.

There are several lists of “Blog Directories” around the Internet, but most of them feature only a hand full of directories, and they lack a ranking factor to make it easier for the reader to scan through the list.

Below you will find a very extensive list of Blog Directories, ordered according to their Alexa rank. We have also inserted the Pagerank of each directory on the list to make it more detailed. Enjoy!

Blog Directory Pagerank Alexa 5 1 6 316 7 4821 7 5350 6 7501 5 13431 7 23826 7 29593 7 33807 6 46602 7 54862 6 58187 5 12610 6 46840 6 62276 7 70000 6 72172 6 74926 6 77798 6 80012 6 83121 7 84667 6 92205 6 96308 7 100052 6 118010 6 104394 7 118470 5 119470 5 122972 6 134736 5 136386 5 165293 5 174240 6 181274 5 200304 5 216210 6 231052 5 231244 6 240401 5 243187 5 245137 5 246817 5 253731 0 260041 5 270163 5 270449 5 304010 5 313468 6 314116 4 314157 5 314160 5 319197 5 325343 4 361618 6 381223 5 419847 5 497951 5 504610 5 515636 5 548901 5 559462 4 622062 5 629832 5 632138 4 715258 5 735127 5 751608 4 768196 4 814706 5 817622 4 883904 4 1039483 4 1078346 4 1098680 4 2113555

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– Daniel Scocco

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  1. Mine could be added:

    PR 5, Alexa is 13,431. Not too shabby, eh?

  2. Not to shabby at all…

  3. Colleen, just added your directory. Thanks for letting us know.

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  5. Nice collection, Daniel. Thanks for putting it all together!

  6. This is a fantastic list– thanks for compiling it!

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  9. Thanks for the list! I will be adding us now!

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  12. Thank you very much for the list. It’s really very, very usefull for all bloggers. I’m sure, I’ll use it in near future.
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  14. You could also try running the directory through and get a more holistic sense of the marketing effectiveness of the directory. itself gets an 88/100.

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  16. This isn’t directly on topic for this post, but it’s this post that brought me here.

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    Lucky for you, I have fixed the socialize wordpress plugin you’re using!

    Hope it helps.

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  18. What a great list, Daniel. Thank you! :)


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  22. Great List, helps a lot! thanks!

  23. awesome…! thanks for the useful back link resources

  24. Excellent list of sites. Its gonna take me some time but I’ll work on adding myself to them

  25. Absolutely marvellous….

  26. Thanks for such a great resource!! This type of information really helps.


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  28. Found this golden mine of blog dirs list. Thanks for compiling it!!! :)

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  35. Oh, my God! This is like a small ODP :) )

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  36. Thank you for the list. Please feel free to add to the list.

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  38. This is a great list of directories. I am glad that you added all these up for us.

  39. I am trying to work my way to having a better blog. With your help, hopefully I will suceed.

  40. [...] There are many ways to increase blog traffic, one of them is to submit your blog to blog directory. Building links from directories will increase your link popularity, direct traffic, and search engine rankings. has a list of blog directories which ordered according to Alexa Score, they also inserted the Page Rank of each directory on the list. I believe that you might haven

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  42. Any chance of a list of non-blog specific directories??

  43. I am glad I joined up ….this list alone is awesome ! :)

  44. I’ve also got a new directory. No PR yet, Alexa is 59,804.

    The main site is PR5 so it shouldn’t take too long to pick up a PR on my links directory.

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  48. Great blog directory information.

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  53. Excellent list. This saves me a major SEO headache. Thanks again!

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  60. WOW! This is great information. I would not be supprised if this page gets a PR6 or 7 one day!

    Great work!!

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