The time is finally here. Beta testing is finished and the doors are open.

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SponsoredReviews is the the first paid-blogging system to allow advertisers and bloggers to be both passive and proactive. Advertisers can post opportunities to attract bids from bloggers, or they can search through bloggers profiles and purchase reviews directly.

We have combined the best features of our two largest competitors, while at the same time lowering fees.

Our flat 35% fee (with no per-transaction fees) is the lowest on the market.

Besides, why would you use two different systems when you can get all the same features in one?

Here are some screenshots:

Advertisers Find Bloggers

Advertisers Find Bloggers

Bloggers Find Advertisers

Bloggers Find Advertisers

Heres a recap of some of the key features:

  1. Automated Rating System – Our rating system will make it easy to find high quality blogs.
  2. Bidding System – Advertisers and publishers can negotiate pricing
  3. Manual Pricing – Bloggers will be able to set their own prices. Our system will make recommendations based on our automated ratings system, but bloggers will be able to choose their own price.
  4. Full Disclosure Required – We take our responsibility very seriously.
  5. Tag Based Organization – Our interface is well organized and easy to use.
  6. Quality Standards – Our minimum standards for bloggers will insure that only quality blogs are allowed into our system.
  7. Large Base of Advertisers – 360 Enterprises, Inc. currently serves thousands of businesses, which will be hot to purchase reviews from our bloggers.
  8. Service Oriented Model – Our large staff will be actively working with advertisers and bloggers to maximize their exposure.
  9. Bi-Weekly Payouts – Get paid fast! Most of our competitors payout monthly.
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– Jarrod Hunt

13 Responses to “SponsoredReviews is Officially Launched!”

  1. Thanks for the heads up.

    Think I’ll surf around,

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  3. Congratulations guys.
    I signed up and your interface is excelent.Good work.. Keep it up :)

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  5. I will have to say that yours is the best system in the market and will beat the crap out of the other similar services.
    The idea of both parties being able to pick and choose each other and the unreal flexibility you guys offer is just unmatchable.

    I can see the future from here and see that you will be doing extremely well in the future.All you need to take care of is getting more and more advertisers by offering some discounts in the begning.

    Not sure if you have paypal as a payment method as thats one thing which attracts more advertisers.

    I wish you all the best in future… Keep it up guys.

  6. Congratulations!

    I like the system, definitely you can grow a lot with feedback offered.

    A suggestion, I would like for some way for a blogger to take back their bid or delete it if a “credit card was declined”.

    Otherwise nice set up.

  7. Hi Ali,

    Thanks for the suggestion, although doing what you ask would complicate things tremendously, and I’m not sure of the reasoning.

    What if the card was declined simply because there was an address problem (50% of the time)? In most other cases it is just a matter of the Credit Card company being overly secure. They want to approve it from the client prior to letting it go through. In most cases declined cards are fixed the same day. At that point the system would notify you that everything is good to go.

    It’s only a very small percentage of cards that decline because of insufficient funds, etc..

    If you had other reasoning behind your suggestion, I would be happy to hear it. We definitely want the experience to be as pleasant as possible.

  8. Great site! This is my new favorite platform for monetizing my blog. Good luck to the rest of the guys trying to compete with this site…keep up the good work

  9. Thx Mark,

    We appreciate the encouragement!

  10. Congratulations on your launch!!

  11. I’m glad to find this site. :) I was just discovering new sites using the StumbleUpon toolbar and found this site. I like the UI!

    - Avi

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  13. Seems like a good opportunity for bloggers..

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